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Adopted North Berwick Farmers Market Association By-Laws
  1. The Members of the Market are a group of farmers, bakers, and local food producers with equal vote and equal share in the running and rules made for the North Berwick Farmers Market each year.
  2. The Market has at least one annual meeting for market discussion and rule changes. It is also at this meeting that the Market’s President/Manager, Secretary and Treasurer are elected each year. Vendor participation in discussions is open to members of their household.  Voting is limited to one vote per vendor. 
  3. All decisions regarding the Association and the Market will be decided at a meeting and all Members or their designee are expected to participate. Failure to attend the meeting will forfeit the voice of that member in the proceedings.
  4. Market Rules, accept Depart of Agriculture requirements, can be changed, added, or deleted by a quorum (2/3 membership vote) at a meeting.
  5. The President/Manager is to preside over the meetings, keep the Market’s records (i.e.; the applications and licenses of members, the insurance policy, and copies of the Maine Statute governing Farmers Markets). The President/Manager’s term is for one year with elections at the annual meeting. The responsibility of the manager is to maintain the integrity of the Market and carry out the rules of the Market, mediate disputes among vendors, or between vendors and customers. She/he is also responsible to take on or delegate vendor recruitment, public/town/state and commerce relations, advertising, and coordinating events. The President/Manager is responsible for any vendor or farm inspections if deemed necessary.
  6. The Treasurer's duties include keeping the finances and the checkbook and reporting at least once a year to the Manager/President and Members of the Market.  The term of Treasurer is for one year, with elections at the annual meeting. He or She is responsible to collect all dues and other monies received from Market operations. The Treasurer also pays out all monies as needed.  The duties of the Secretary include taking the minutes at meetings and providing members with copies, issuing vendor applications, and keeping membership information updated. The term of Secretary is for one year, with elections at the annual meeting.
  7. The Association dues are $100.00 annually if paid before April 1st.  After April 1st, the dues are $125. Fees are used for the Farmers Markets location liability insurance, advertising, and publicity events.
  8. A vendor can be expelled for failure to comply with State, Association, or North Berwick Farmers Market rules. The expulsion can be appealed and overturned with a quorum (2/3 membership) vote.
  9. This is an association and as such all members or their designee are expected to contribute as part of the team.
Applegard Farm: North Berwick; Vegetables with a focus on fun, colorful heirloom varieties
Contact info
Sofie Larson
24 Beech Ridge Road
North Berwick, ME
ph# 603-781-7601
email:   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Would you like to join us? Please read the Guidelines first to see what we're all about! When you have read the guidelines please contact our manager, Sofie Larsen:

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Borealis Breads, Wells; Artisan bread, Pastries and Cookies

Borealis Bread at North Berwick Farmers MarketWebsite:
Address:  Borealis Breads—Post Office Box 1800, Wells, ME 04090

Welcome to Borealis Breads

At Borealis, warmth is our business. We are passionate about our baking and truly understand the art of making fine artisan breads, using only traditional European methods. Gently shaping each loaf by hand and allowing for slow proofing, our breads develop their unique characteristics and complex flavors only to be enhanced by being baked in our stone deck ovens. We’re proud of our exceptionally flavorful products and hope you’ll share our love of good bread as a part of a good life. We make bread the way it was always done; by hand and one loaf at a time.

Our Commitment is Fresh Bread

Bridgewater Farm: Berwick; pork sausage and other assorted cuts of pork

Buddha's Burning Buns, South Berwick; Cookies, Granola, Pancake and Muffin mixes

Buddha's Burning Buns, LLC is a family-owned and operated home-based business. All our products are made by hand in small batches using the finest ingredients.  Our products include granola, pancake/waffle mix, muffin mix, cookies, bars, small pies and savory tarts.                                        

Contact info:
Jane Adams
16 Brattle St
South Berwick, ME  03908
ph#  207-384-0968
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Chick Farm: Wells, Maine;
Chick Farm:  Mofga certified organic farm in Wells, Maine.  Organic chicken (fresh and frozen), organic eggs and organic vegetables. Contact info:  Marilyn and Rick Stanley
East Moosefart Farm, South Berwick; Blueberries and Duck Eggs

Contact info:
Dan Smith
66 Boyds Corner Rd, South Berwick, ME  03908
ph#  207-676-9820                                                                           This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Old cars, bees, apples, blueberries all surrounded by peaceful woods. This is my "gentleman's farm" as my father would have called it.  I have six different varieties of high bush blueberries that ripen from June to late September with flavors that run from sweet to tart and from small to quarter size.  Right now the bees are working hard to fill the honey supers and I am looking forward to extracting honey by the end of June.  Also my Khaki Campbell ducks are laying great eggs and I will have them at the Market.

Evergreen Nursery, Milton Mills; Vegetable Starts, Annuals and Perennials

Evergreen Nursery owner, Chuck Hefferun brings over 35 years of experience with plants and for the past 15 years has been in the nursery business.  Chuck comes to the market with vegetable starts and assorted annuals.  If you miss him on Friday afternoon, you will find him at the Sanford Farmers' Market Saturday morning. 

Contact info: 
Chuck Hefferun
ph# 207-636-3843


Flowers by the Roadside, Lebanon, Maine; perennial plants, flowers and herbs
Perennial plants, flowers and herbs, some shrubs occasionally veggies, misc. crafts (bags and baskets)

Dorothy Bebris
ph# 207-339-9684
cell: 332-4419
Flying Goat Farm, Acton, ME; Nubian goat cheese and goat meat

Flying Goat Farm, Acton, ME; Nubian goat cheese, goat meat and pork.
Contact info:
Devin Shepard
413 Mann Rd
Acton, ME  04001
ph# 207-676-7321
email:   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
At Flying Goat Farm, we believe that tasty cheese comes from happy goats.  Now in our third year as a Maine licensed creamery, Flying Goat Farm produces several varieties of cheese including different flavors of chevre, feta, and our specialty cheeses and varieties of yogurt. 


Garden of Weedin', Wells; Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries and Tomatoes

At the Garden of Weedin' , we ain't building a baby grand piano. 
We are just selling berries...maybe some tomatoes, too.

Mike Townsend, owner
ph# 207-676-2577
Wells, Maine

Kelly Orchards, Acton; Peaches, Apples, Pears and Cider

Contact info:
Art Kelly
82 Sanborn Rd. Acton, Maine
Telephone: (207) 324-6497

Kelly Orchards is a family farm founded in 1982.  We specialize in tree fruit and also raise berries, pumpkins and fall squash.  Our crops are grown using Integrated Pest Management (IPM).  IPM uses cultural practices, natural predators and pesticides to control pests and diseases with as little impact on the environment as possible.  We monitor pest presence in the orchard by scouting, using pest specific traps, weather conditions and degree-day models to predict pest in-migration.  We use cultural practices and careful selection of pesticides to promote natural controls and predators of pests.  We time sprays to only spray when pests are present and have reached damaging levels and use selective rather than broad spectrum pesticides with low toxicity to non-target organisms so there is minimal impact on the environment.

Luscious Live Lobsters

New Vendor 2013!

We proudly welcome Luscious Live Lobsters to our market! Based in Harpswell, Maine, this new vendor brings you the catch of the day and live lobsters to boot - "from boat to shore, straight to your door." Selection varies week by week according to what the sea provides - but every week is guaranteed to delight!

 Check out the website


Moondance Gardens, South Berwick, Greens, Vegetables, Herbs and Flowers

Contact info:                                                                                                          Rae Avery, ph# 207-252-7539                                                                                      email:   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it                                                                     

Moondance Gardens is located on York Woods Road in South Berwick. This area is known as Rocky Hill, and believe me, we know why. We are committed to sustainability and the use of sustainable farming methods. We produce a diversified vegetable crop which includes a large variety of greens. This is our second year as a CSA. Beside being a vendor at the North Berwick Farmer’s Market, we provide vegetables to local restaurants and Zach’s Farm Stand.

Our farmers are Rae Avery and Simone Roos. Rae has been raising vegetables for more than 30 years. She grew up in central Maine. After working many years in the medical field she returned to school and received a Plant Biology degree with an emphasis on agriculture. She enjoys her involvement with the York County Master Gardener program and has worked for 7 years as the head gardener at one of the finest restaurants in the country.

Rosie's Cupcakes, Berwick, ME; cupcakes
Rosie's Cupcakes, Berwick, ME; cupcakes
Contact info:  Rose V. Ellia
183 Cranberry Meadow
Berwick, ME  03901
ph# 207-698-7250
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Rosie's Cupcakes was started in November 2010 by Rose and Samantha Ellia. Rose always had a dream of doing what she loved for a living, and Samantha had great ideas of how to get people in and love their product. Rosie's took off quickly when friends and family started ordering, and Rose and Samantha thought "we could really do this". In Summer 2011, Rosie's Cupcakes does four farmers markets a week and quickly built a following of loyal fans, who appreciate homemade, quality, natural cupcakes. Rosie's Cupcakes hopes to open a storefront in Portland by Summer 2012 and continue to do farmers markets. 

Santoro's Honey, Kennebunk, Maine; honey
Luke Santoro
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Stone Field Farm, Springvale, Maine; jams & jellies, adult & children's aprons
Lynn Mac Cannell
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The Soup Guy

The Soup Guy makes soups and chilis that are 100% all natural, gluten free, and locally sourced where possible! This year The Soup Guy also offers corn bread to go with your chili!


The Soup Guy - Washington St, Dover NH, 03820

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

(603) 801 2957